Over 200 Origin Games Are Free All Next Month Just By Authorizing Two-Factor Authentication


Anthem (EA)

Did you know there was a month dedicated to National Cybersecurity Awareness? Well there is and it’s every October. EA is hoping people don’t forget it by rewarding players with a free month of Origin Basic Access if they set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on their Origin accounts this month.

Setting up 2FA will make your account more less prone to potential hackers and for a month will allow you to play games like Anthem, Madden 19, A Way Out, Titanfall 1 and 2, and many more. Check out the full list here. If you already have 2FA set up on your Origin account, you also have been awarded a free month.

All you have to do is switch on 2FA, aptly called EA Login Verification and you should soon after see the games in your library for the coming month. When you log in with 2FA, you’ll also receive a verification code through email, text, or an app authenticator.


Additionally, users who are already subscribed to the service will not be charged in the coming month. Even subscribers to the upper tier Premier service aren’t being charged in celebration of this month. In the following month, the service will return back to normal, charging users and no longer be free unfortunately. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for over 200 free games on PC for a short amount of time.

Origin Basic Access is $4.99 a month and its higher tier, Origin Premier Access is $14.99 a month. Along with the free games, the service offers all Origin purchases at a 10% discount.

Considering it’s netting a bunch of people free games for a short time, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month seems like a great month to be more keen of. This is a great way to raise awareness towards internet security and the Origin service at the same time.

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