‘Overwatch’ Game Review: An Amazing Multiplayer Experience


Overwatch (Blizzard)

With an introduction involving disputes over a character’s oversexualization and going from a free-to-play game to a $60 dollar purchase, Blizzard’s Overwatch has done a total 180 from infamy to fortune in the past 2 months of its release. When the company behind World of Warcraft made this Team Fortress 2-esque First-Person Shooter, there was nothing but negative vibes, and yet now the internet is full of positivity and memes from Overwatch’s cast of 21 characters and growing – notably with the sudden reveal of Ana Amari. Fans have already theorized the reveal of other characters through in-game speech and character reveal trailers, two of which being Sombra and Athena.

Overwatch Game Review

Don’t know what Overwatch or Team Fortress is? TF2 was a game made by Valve, famous for the creation of the Portal series, which allowed you to play as classes like medic, sniper, and spy as you fought other online players with friends. If you died, you could switch to another class at anytime without penalty. Add three basic abilities and one ultimate to every character and it’s clear to see that Overwatch uses this same formula but with better graphics, unique abilities, colorful characters, and missions that go from a timed brawl/shootout to capture the flag.

This being said, the missions themselves aren’t original and the backstory is unclear at times. You may find yourself asking the following: why is robot Gandhi a character? What is Overwatch and why is it still active if the only major threat to the world is one or two of its playable characters? How can Winston the gorilla wear glasses when gorillas don’t have bridges on their nose to balance these glasses? There are no answers to these questions. Blizzard is behind World of Warcraft, a world where a society of pandas walk upright and use Kung-Fu on a daily basis. Don’t think about it too hard, you’ll end up hurting yourself like I did.

Other than a few (or perhaps many) plot holes, the game has received nothing but praise from nearly every site and has been drowning in 9/10 ratings. When it comes down to it, the game is fun and its characters are charming, you’re bound to like at least one of them; just watch some of the 45-minute promotional, DreamWorks-styled movies on YouTube. It’s not necessarily an FPS either, around 3/4 of the cast relies on being the support, tank, or defense, and of these characters many rely on melee and have abilities that can help them hold their own regardless of their intended purposes. You can group up in teams of 6 with friends or you can trust complete strangers and play on your own. There isn’t a single player mode, but that isn’t what this game is about anyway.

Whether it’s for the PS4, Xbox One, or PC through Blizzard’s Battlenet, Overwatch is an amazing multiplayer experience that will take your breath away. If you’ve wanted a multiplayer game with great graphics and animation, Overwatch is for you.

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