Gamers Are Surprised By The Amazing Quality Of New ‘Mario Vs. Donkey Kong’ Remake

'Mario v. Donkey Kong' (Image: Nintendo)

'Mario v. Donkey Kong' (Image: Nintendo)

After first being released in 2004, a lot of gamers had either not picked up or remembered the puzzle platformer game from Nintendo Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. Most when hearing the title think of the original arcade cabinet game that first introduced the two characters from 1981, making the GameBoy Advanced game an obscure title within the company’s catalog of franchises.

After a few spin-offs based on the “mini-Marios” that the game had the players save in the 2004 game, the project seemed to be forgotten until the release of the 2024 remake of Mario Vs. Donkey Kong has left many gamers pleasantly surprised by the game’s good quality.

Directed by Vivek Melwani, the game is mechanically similar to the GBA title with an additional co-op mode where a second player can assist Mario on the map as Toad. There is also a new “Casual Mode” that has been added to the game, which removed the time limit to complete levels allowing players to take their time in solving the puzzles without rushing.

Although many game reviewers believed the game to be too easy, it had received relatively high scores across the boards with fans praising the upscaled graphics from the original game. It has also been reported that it had topped a recent box sales report in the U.K., surpassing the number of copies sold for the recent Skull and Bones release from Ubisoft. The exact sales numbers have yet to be reported, but it is known that the game had a massively successful launch since its release on February 16.

The remake was made with Nintendo’s North American branch, Nintendo Software Technology, which works with the DigiPen Institute of Technology to create games focused on the North American audience. First founded in 1998 by Minoru ArakawaClaude Comair and Scott Tsumara, the program has released several spin-offs of Nintendo franchises alongside some original games sponsored by the Japanese company.

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