‘Panzer Dragoon’ Remake Coming To PS4 & PC

'Panzer Dragoon' remake

'Panzer Dragoon' remake

Do you have any interest in picking up the remake of Panzer Dragoon, but you don’t have a Nintendo Switch? Well, we got some good news for you. Panzer Dragoon Remake is finally making its way to PS4 and PC. While a release date was yet to be disclosed, the official Twitter account for Panzer Dragoon Remake revealed that the game would be making its way to PlayStation Store, Steam and GOG “soon.” “Panzer Dragoon: Remake will be soon available on additional gaming platforms!” reads the official tweet. “First up: Steam, GOG, and PlayStation 4. Follow us to get the latest news about the Panzer Dragoon games.”


The Remake of Panzer Dragoon was first announced last year before making its way to the Nintendo Switch this year. The new version of the 1995’s SEGA Saturn classic feature brand new visuals and improved 360 controls with lock-on targeting, something that wasn’t featured in the original. Currently, the Nintendo Switch version of the game sits at a 63 on Metacritic, based on a collection of 24 critic reviews, meaning mixed or average on the website.

If you want to pick up a copy of Panzer Dragoon Remake, it’s currently available on Nintendo Switch as a digital download.

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