Part 3 Of Final Fantasy VII’s Remake Has Hastily Started Development, Director Is Ready To Finish The Project

Final Fantasy XIV (Image courtesy of Squared Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV (Image courtesy of Squared Enix)

After releasing on February 29, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with overall acclaim from fans of the Final Fantasy franchise and critics. Although its different take on the story was criticized by some players, the game’s modern art style has been well welcomed by the gaming community, reflecting the advancements in the graphical quality of games in the ninth generation of consoles.

Shortly after the release of the second game, the project’s creative director, Tetsuya Nomura, confirmed that the development of the third and final entry of the remake trilogy is “off to the races already” in a video talk released on Square Enix’s official Music channel.

Nomura was joined by the game’s writer, Kazushige Nojima, and composer Nobuo Uematsu. Uematsu will be returning to the Final Fantasy franchise after confirming that he will be making music for the upcoming third part in a “gentleman’s agreement” with the game’s director albeit followed up with a joke that he plans to “take a vacation” once he finishes his work for the coming title.

All three men in the session had all worked on the original game from 1997, though in smaller roles than they are now. Although happy that they can all work together once again for Final Fantasy VII’s remake trilogy, Nomura has stated that he would be glad to be done with his “marathon of projects” after the final game’s release.

Speculation has bubbled up in the gaming community toward the release of the third part of the remake, with some citing that if Square Enix continues to work in the release period they had between the first and second games the new game should be released by 2028. With the last game ending in a massive cliffhanger that may alter the course of the original game’s story, fans are waiting in anticipation for the remake series’ conclusion.

As of this writing, the trilogy’s second game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is only available on the PlayStation 5. However, as the first part is available on both PlayStation and Windows, fans are expecting a PC port of the game to be released later this year.


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