Jupiter’s ‘Picross S’ Will Test Nintendo Switch Owners This Week

Picross games, which test one’s logic and puzzle solving skills, are fantastic time killers. Jupiter has developed numerous titles in this genre for Nintendo platforms, from the Game Boy all the way to the prominent Picross e series for the Nintendo 3DS. Surprising nobody, Jupiter has now set their sights on the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, their next game, Picross S, is coming this month!


According to Eurogamer, Picross S will launch for the Switch this week, on September 28, for $8. As with the Picross e series, 300 puzzles will be included. Unlike the Picross e series, S will take advantage of the Switch’s built-in local two player capabilities with a multiplayer mode. The Switch’s innate two player was something I praised in my hardware review, and it’s always nice to see developers take advantage of it.

While next week may only be Jupiter’s debut on Nintendo’s incumbent platform, I think it’s reasonable to say they’ll produce many more Picross titles for it over the years. And that, of course, is welcomed.

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