‘Pokémon Go’ Trading Resumed After Glitch Is Resolved

Pokémon GO (Image: Pokemon)

Pokémon GO (Image: Pokemon)

Player-to-player trading has resumed on Pokémon Go, the game’s developer Niantic announced. The feature was paused after a player found a glitch in the system that gave them 100 “lucky” Pokémon through a trade.

The “lucky” distinction is rare and happens only when a traded Pokémon receives better stats and only needs half of the resources they used to need to power up. Trainers can trade Pokémon at any point, and a Pokémon could become “lucky” in any trade. There are ways to increase the chances of a Pokémon becoming “lucky,” like owning one for more than a year. However, to be sure that a Pokémon becomes lucky, it must be traded with a “lucky friend.” Lucky friends occur in upgrades to a Best Friend, but it only has a 5% chance of happening.

Normally, a player can only make the trade once.

“We were both lucky friends when we started and still are,” AndKrem, the user who got 100 “lucky” Pokémons, explained in the comments of a Reddit thread. “The status as lucky friends didn’t disappear and every trade turned out to be a lucky trade. After the fifth [lucky trade] in a row, we knew something strange [was] happening.”

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