Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo Offers More Than You Think

Pokémon Sun and Moon Ash-Greninja

Pokémon Sun and Moon Ash-Greninja

POKEMON!! It’s coming out mid-November, the 18th to be perfectly exact, which means only one month until the obsessive glory starts all over again. Be ready to catch Pokemon and relive the obsessive nature that is “catching them all.” However, the recently released demo isn’t to be ignored.

The actual content of the demo is, well, boring as hell. You get talked at by boring albeit friendly NPCs until you find the professor who lets you and your overpowered Ash-Greninja to kill animals for sport. No catching is done, unless you mean catching things on film, because the game references Pokemon Snap as you battle the token dragon-types of the game.

Other than appearances from the professor, your rival, and team Skull’s friggin hot babe character, there’s not much to do, and yet it offers so much more. The end of the game features a mysterious old man who gives you an item, and only on certain days do other events transpire which offers you other items. These items can be transferred to the main game, which includes your Greninja, but these events also reveal little hints about the story, possibly introducing characters that will later be an integral part to the experience accompanying Generation 7’s Pokemon.

The events, explained here, are as follows:

  • On 10/19 talk to the man outside the Pokémon center.
  • On 10/23 talk to the lady in the left corner of the town.
  • On 10/30 talk to the old man inside the Town hall celebrates his Pikachu’s birthday.
  • On 11/5 talk to the policeman standing on the pier.
  • On 11/11 talk to the girl in the ferry terminal.

Some of these have already passed, but it is not too late to experience the ones that are left. This being said, this is only the tip of the iceburg. Hackers have gone into the code of the demo and found most, if not the rest, of the data in the game. What does this mean?

All of the Pokemon have been revealed. Read it and weep, or, better yet, avoid the spoilers and don’t cry. You’ve been so emotional lately. Are you okay?

Regardless of your emotional behavior, the Pokemon demo is worth a try, especially considering it doesn’t cost a dime and there aren’t any in-app purchases. Strap in and start your journey, ten year old child, your lone journey taming animals to destroy a crime syndicate is dawning upon you.

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