‘Pokemon Sword And Shield’ Crown Tundra DLC Release Date Revealed

Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image: Pokemon)

Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image: Pokemon)

Get ready to go back into the Galar region again with Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s second DLC. Launching on October 22, the Crown Tundra DLC will let you explore a new region of Galar, with tons of returning Pokemon, including Dragonite, Spheal, Nidoking and every single Legendary Pokemon.

Along with returning friends, you’ll also be encountering new regional variants of the original legendary bird trio, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, along with a Galar version of Slowking. As with the previous DLC, Isle of Armor, a free update will arrive that will let you bring some of the returning Pokemon in Frozen Tundra free of charge, as long as you have them in your Pokemon Home account.

But that’s not all. Crown Tundra will also be introducing Dynamax Adventures, which lets you and three other players work together to obtain Legendary Pokemon and the Galarian Star Tournament, which will let you team up with Gym Leaders to partake in an in-game tournament.

Along with updates to the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, the latest presentation also announced integration with Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home is coming soon. With it, you can transfer Pokemon you caught in Pokemon Go to Sword and Shield. Once it arrives later this year, you’ll also receive a Melmetal that can Gigantimax in the Pokemon Home phone app and a Meltan in Pokemon Go.

Finally, if you’ve yet to buy Pokemon Sword and Shield and experience the DLC, you’ll be able to purchase a physical copy of Sword and Shield that includes the DLC starting November 6.

Pokemon Sword and Shield was released last year in November, with the first DLC arriving in June.


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