Prime Gaming Subscriptions Soar 120% In First Two Years, Amazon Says

Prime Gaming screenshot

Prime Gaming screenshot

Since its launch in 2020, Amazon’s Prime Gaming reports a rapid 120% growth rate.

Prime Gaming, included with Amazon Prime, has made its mark on the gaming community by offering a subscription-based membership. Subscribers benefit from free games each month and are allowed to keep access to the PC games forever.

“The Prime Gaming value to publishers is the awareness our program drives and the lift in engagement they see in their content. We help them acquire new users, retain existing players, win back lapsed players, and give access to a highly engaged userbase,” Josh Dobson, the head of business development and operations at Prime Gaming, exclusively told GamesBeat.

Those to have access to Prime Gaming are also rewarded free in-game content and can subscribe to a Twitch channel of choice every month. In 2021, users had access to over 100 free games.

Prime Gaming offers a variety of games, from big names to unheard-of games. Some of their currently featured titles include Apex Legends, Grand Theft Auto Online and League of Legends.

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