‘Resident Evil Village’ 8 Hours In Village Demo Extended After Fan Feedback

'Resident Evil Village' (Image courtesy of Capcom)

'Resident Evil Village' (Image courtesy of Capcom)

Capcom announced Monday that Resident Evil Village‘s confusing “8 Hours In Village” demo will be extended after fan feedback.

I wrote an article about “8 Hours In Village” and even as I typed out the demo’s schedule I felt like I had no idea how it worked. Something I missed during the initial report is that the “8 hours” all took place at the same time regardless of timezone. The “8 Hours in Village” event began at 8 p.m. EST on April 25 and ran for eight hours. That means if you live in New York or Boston, you could enjoy a nice spooky evening with the exclusive demo. But if you live in London or anywhere in British Standard Time, the demo didn’t kick off until 1 a.m. and would promptly end at 9 a.m., before most people even had their morning tea.

Capcom finally woke up to the ridiculousness of leaving Great Britain, most of the European Union and the Middle East only the wee hours of the morning to play the horror game demo and amended the demo with new region-specific deadlines. The new demo also runs for just over a week.

Capcom’s amended schedule also highlights one of the stupidest parts of the uber-restricted demo. Even though the event was called “8 Hours In Village,” players only had 30 minutes to explore each of the two areas once they booted it up. Why, then, did the demo need to be only open for eight hours? Outside of stewing manufactured hype for the upcoming Resident Evil Village, I can’t begin to imagine why Capcom would further restrict an already restricted demo.

Everything I wrote above, however, is moot since Capcom already decided to extend and amend the demo. Interestingly, the new demo actually continues to run even after Village comes out on May 7.

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