Sega Begins Online Countdown Clock To ‘JUDGE EYES’ Announcement

Judge Eyes (Photo Courtesy Of Sony)

Judge Eyes (Photo Courtesy Of Sony)

With little fan-fare, Sega quietly added an ominous countdown clock to the Ryu Ga Gotoku website that will tick to zero at 10 a.m. EST on May 7. Leading to further speculation, the clock is counting down to what the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio development team calls “Judgement Day,” which either means Sega will finally rise to totalitarian power and damn everyone who bought a PlayStation 2 over the Dreamcast to gamer hell, or the company will announce info related to the 2018 slam-dunk game JUDGE EYES.

Speculation covers every corner of possible announcements, but the most reasonable would be a direct sequel to the private-eye detective game seeing disillusioned former lawyer Yagami Takayuki flush out the scum of Kamurocho-ku.

JUDGE EYES is no doubt my favorite game in the Ryu ga Gotoku style and I don’t think that opinion is far-flung from the general consensus. Being that every game in the Gotoku series has centered on the same, undeniably hunky and charming, Kazuma Kiryu, Yamgami’s tale explored with the gamestyle in new, creative ways.

While Kazuma fights for his honor as a well-known yakuza tough-guy, Yagami’s legal background and different fighting style led to a story I consider far superior to the already fabulous mainline games.

Sega re-released JUDGE EYES on PlayStation 5 just this week which was confusing to me because I thought the game was already playable on PS5 since it’s a PlayStation 4 game. No matter, the game now has a slightly different case for its PS5 launch and players can likely expect reduced lag in some of the game’s more crowded sections.

Stay tuned for May 7 to see if Yagami’s crusade to clean up the Tokyo underworld gets the second chapter it so dearly deserves.

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