‘Returnal’ Developers Warn Players To Turn Off Auto-Update Before New Patch To Save Their Runs

Returnal (Photo Courtesy Of Housemarque)

Returnal (Photo Courtesy Of Housemarque)

Housemarque, developers of Returnal, warned players that if they want to keep their current save file, they must turn off their PlayStation 5’s auto-update feature before the game’s newest patch drops on May 5.

Wait, PlayStation 5? I thought the only people who had those either had pockets full of stupid-money to buy scalped systems or won a lottery that instead of giving you money, lets you give Sony $400 for the system. So what you’re telling me is that millions of people have PlayStation Fives? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Returnal is essentially a rougue-lite game, meaning that during the game’s two to three hour run, you can’t save. Players, however, can pause the game and put their system into rest mode whenever they need to take a break. If a player takes a break and their PS5 auto-updates, though, those two to three hours disappears faster than PlayStation 5 preorders.

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