‘Titanfall 2’ Surges In Player-Count Five Years After Release

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

The shooter that never got a fair shot, Titanfall 2 has been in a well-deserved renaissance, as developers Respawn Entertainment continue to garner public appeal. Titanfall 2 hit a new high of concurrent players on Steam this past week, prompting Respawn to make the delayed hit free to play until May 3. After May 3, everyone who downloaded the game for free will have to pay to continue.

With now more than 6,000 players logged into the robo-shooter on Steam alone, there hasn’t been a better time to try out this snubbed classic since 2016. Players suitably enthralled with the mecha-madness can purchase the game at a ludicrous 75% discount as well, making Titanfall 2 quite the late spring pick-up.

Titanfall 2‘s new concurrent high is likely due to another Respawn game, Apex Legends where Titanfall-themed goodies and outfits were featured in the battle arena game’s newest competitive-play season.

Anyone around in 2016 may, or unfortunately, may not remember that Titanfall 2 came out in an exceedingly crowded October/November release window where just about every company was trying to squeeze their games down your gullet just in time for the holidays. Titanfall 2, also was published by Electronic Arts who released Battlefield 1 in the same window. If that wasn’t enough, Activision also released Call of Duty Infinity War less than two weeks later. Players can almost be excused for missing Titanfall 2 which seemingly sunk into the molasses-think saturated market.

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