Rockstar Games Teases Fans With New Screenshots

Rockstar Games Teases Fans With New Screenshots

Rockstar Games Teases Fans With New Screenshots

Anyone who has ever played a game by Rockstar before will know that the company is no stranger to randomly dropping and teasing players with new content. At the beginning of March, Rockstar posted this photo onto their main website. The design of the image is crazy, as it almost appears to make no sense. This did not stop Reddit users and myself from putting on our tinfoil hats, and try and debunk this presumably-coded image.

Users of Twitter and Reddit have concluded that the teaser-pic may foreshadow the release of one of Rockstar’s many dormant franchise games.

Four statements are listed in Rockstar’s released photo. ‘Killing Dreams’ is a direct reference to their Max Payne series. In the game, ex-NYPD Officer and family-man Max Payne has to go undercover to stop the Mafia group that was responsible for murdering his family, three years prior.

‘Murdering Hope’ (not people, like the Tweet above falsely stated) is a reference to one of Rockstar’s most old and controversial games: Manhunt. During its original release, the game was arguably the most violent videogames ever created. However, both games were produced well enough – sort-of like the film Clockwork Orange – to avoid censoring. Rockstar Games could make a huge impact in the news if they were to drop a Manhunt game.

The third of those statements is ‘fighting the righteous,’ which is presumably a nod to Grand Theft Auto VI. A constant theme in Grand Theft Auto is all about fighting folks that are entitled. In Vice City and in GTA: San Andreas,  you had to fight your ex-friends, that abandoned you for more money and power. Grand Theft Auto IV and GTA:V made players fight multiple factions of people, with a range of ethical behaviors.

Of course, ‘Bullying the Weak’ is a direct mention to Rockstar’s Bully. In this game, Jimmy Hopkins is sent to a boarding school by his awful parents, and Jimmy has to fight his way through various factions of the school, in order to gain their respect. This game has a cult following, but it was subjected to media and news criticisms for its problematic title.

Whatever Rockstar Games releases, I’m sure fans will be happy with any new content that’s released. Especially if it’s a remastered version of Table Tennis.


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