‘Final Fantasy 7’ Offers Free Demo Release On PS4



If FF7 was strict about following their original release date, the game would have released on March 3. However, great things take time, and the company announced months ago that the new release date would be April 10. Square Enix, the game’s publishing company, decided to release a demo of the game on March 2.

We are totally unable to spot the difference in graphics between the two games, but maybe you can!

The free demo that’s available to download off of the Playstation Store, includes the whole remastered first mission. In the demo, players will use the main protagonist Cloud to fight the super-evil Shinra Electric company. The protagonist and his squad have to infiltrate the electric company, blow up one of the companies’ buildings, and then manage to escape that building. At the very end of the demo, players will also get an opportunity to fight one of the game’s bosses, Scorpion Sentinel.

The game is also testing out a new style of combat. In 1997, menu-based combat was the only combat available to players back in the day. Today, the game will display elements of menu and action-based combat. The option for players to go back to the ‘classic’ way of fighting, is always readily available to players in the game’s settings.

One last tip for players: The Shinra Electric Company employees really hate electricity. Make sure you really use those ‘electrical’ abilities, because they will be super-effective.

The game will be released exclusively for PS4 users on April 10, 2020

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