RUMOR: Mini Super NES Coming For The Holidays?

The soon-to-be-discontinued Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition will not remain on the market for as long as we would’ve wanted. However, it may be getting a successor by Christmas.


According to Eurogamer’s sources, Nintendo is planning to release a miniature Super NES. This decision, in large part, was a factor in ending production of the NES Classic Edition. Moreover, production for this new stocking stuffer is afoot. Personally, I hope Nintendo manages to ship enough units, since the NES Classic Edition and the Switch have suffered through shortages.

An official name for the new plug-and-play device wasn’t stated. However, should the naming conventions remain consistent with its predecessor, then it might be called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition.

The NES Classic Edition had 30 games from its namesake’s 8-bit library pre-installed, although that doesn’t necessarily mean a Super NES mini would match that amount. Regardless, the 16-bit platform housed many classics, and giving people another method to re-experience them is an exciting prospect.

Games such as Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid would likely be guaranteed to appear, as they’re among the console’s defining titles. Furthermore, there’s a rich catalog for Nintendo and their third-party partners to draw from. Last August, some of my Source Gaming friends got together to discuss which games they’d like to see. (Personally, I agree with Nirbion’s list, as his includes Tetris Attack.)

What games do you want to see included? Would you be excited to re-experience some of the Super NES’s highlights?

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