‘Sonic Forces’ – Casino Forest Trailer

We were about due to see a new level in Sonic Forces, and SEGA uploaded a new trailer showcasing just that. Classic Sonic’s new Zone, Casino Forest, meshes two familiar Sonic troupes together.


Moreover, IGN’s playthrough offers a better look of the stage. While it’s nice to have another new local to dissect, I must confess that Casino Forest isn’t doing much for me thus far.

It’s no doubt a novel combination of two classic environments, but they never synergize in an interesting way, much like how the sand doesn’t affect Forces’ Green Hill. It’s mainly Sonic 2’s Casino Night’s gimmicks copied into Sonic Lost World’s Silent Forest. Basically, it’s a Frankenstein of preexisting assets, and the level’s layout seems rather short and by-the-books for a casino-themed stage.

Classic Sonic, on his end, looks to play similarly, if not worse, than his Sonic Generations incarnation. Given the authentic experience provided by Sonic Mania (which I’m reviewing, sorry for the hold up), the imperfections in Generations’ and Forces’ Genesis-esque portions stick out even more.

Interestingly, Sonic Team’s Morio Kishimoto referenced how Forces‘ side-scrolling stages have taken some inspiration from Mania. However, while I don’t doubt they’ve analyzed Mania‘s level design, I’m unconvinced Sonic Team has a genuine understanding of it. That said, I still don’t expect Sonic Forces will be outright bad, and I hope it exceeds our expectations.

Sonic Forces will launch on November 7 for all three current gaming consoles as well as PC. Fans can obtain exclusive SEGA-themed costumes for their Avatar by pre-ordering Forces, and the free Episode Shadow DLC will launch alongside the game.

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