Sony Celebrates PlayStation’s 25th Birthday

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

On Wednesday, the Sony PlayStation, one of the world’s most popular video game consoles, turns 25 years old.  On December 3, 1994, the original PlayStation was released. Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has announced that celebrations for the console’s birthday will be held. PlayStation is arguably the most popular console of all time. On the release of the original PlayStation console, 100,000 units were sold. The first PlayStation was also the first console to reach 100 million units, the PlayStation 4 passed that milestone. The PlayStation 2, however, is the most popular of all the consoles holding the record for most consoles sold at 155 million units. 

 “We struck a chord with the gaming community because PlayStation offered experiences beyond what anyone could ever imagine was possible with a home console,” Ryan said. “From the very start, we opened our arms to developers, providing them with the tools and technology to create beautiful, expansive worlds, and to experiment with new ideas. That approach led to the diversity of games PlayStation is known for, a true hallmark for our brand across multiple generations of hardware platforms.”

Ryan said that the company attempts to cater to local markets, so that somebody in Europe feels as connected to broader PlayStation community just as much as somebody in Asia or North America.  

The celebrations across all of the PlayStation’s social media left fans awaiting sales and other promotions. 

The PlayStation has seen less exclusives this year compared to years before. This year’s releases however including Days Gone and Death Stranding have received great reviews and have sold successfully. The next Sony console, PlayStation 5 will be coming in 2020. Microsoft Xbox better watch out.


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