‘Call Of Duty’ Copies ‘Fortnite’ & Introduces First-Ever Battle Pass

'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare' (Image: Activision)

'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare' (Image: Activision)

Call of Duty is releasing its first-ever Battle Pass coping the system that Fortnite and other shooter games. This may be the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history. The players who pay for the premium access will know what the 100 tiers of Battle Pass rewards are when the season starts on December 3, but everything that was released now will be available for everyone for free.

Some of the fan favorite maps from Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare are being introduced again including Shipment, Vacant and Crash. There will be three new gameplay modes including a 2v2 gunfight, an infected survival mode and single-life “Reinforce” mode. In the 2v2 gunfight, players have to locate guns and resources after the match starts.


In the “Reinforce” mode, your team and the opponents will fight to control flags. The Infected survival mode it is just as you’d expect. You will be fighting in a mode similar to the zombies mode but instead you or your opponents will be infected and not by the computer.

The other additions include new Special Ops co-op missions similar to the ones that are already in the game. New weapons are also being added to the game which may be one of the most exciting parts of this update. This free content drop is very uncharacteristic of Call of Duty and it may show a paradigm shift in first person shooters.

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