Sony Details Improvements With Spider-Man Remastered

'Spider-Man' (Image: Marvel)

'Spider-Man' (Image: Marvel)

When Marvel’s Spider-Man was first released back in 2018, it was hailed as not only one of the best superhero games of all-time but one of the best games of the generation. Now, the PS4 monster hit is coming back with an upcoming remastered for PS5. Last week, James Stevenson, Community Director for Insomniac Games, discussed some of the new improvements made to Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS5.

The team has done the painstaking work of updating the city’s environment to take advantage of the new console,” wrote Stevenson in a blog post on “Beyond improved models and materials, one of the biggest things we have brought to the game is ray-traced reflections and ambient shadows. We now have true reflections on the windows of buildings, and it looks stunning with our new skies and weather.

The biggest change to Spider-Man was with Peter Parker himself. Rather than keeping the same facial model used in the PS4 version, Insomniac will be using a brand new face, with Ben Jordan being used as the face model for Peter Parker. Other upgrades include the jump to 60 FPS, improvements to character models and near-instant load times.

Finally, Stevenson unveiled a new suit added to the game, The Amazing Suit from 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man film.

Spider-Man Remastered will only be available for those who purchase the Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS5. Those who own the original game will not gain access to the PS5 version.

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