Sony Launches Campaign To Plant Trees In Celebration Of ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Launch

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West (Image Courtesy Of Guerrilla Games)

To celebrate the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Sony will be planting one tree for every player who earns the “Reached the Daunt” trophy in0-game before March 25.

The promotion is a collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation. Each tree will go to one of three reforestation projects. They are located in Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin, Sheep Fire Private Lands in California and Torreya State Park in Florida.

The three projects were picked for a variety of reasons. In Douglas County, the surrounding communities and animal habitats are at risk from deforestation, in Sheep Fire, the new trees will allow the nearly extinct Gray Wolfs a place to live and, in Torreya State Park, houses many unique wildlife habitats for rare species, according to Sony’s website.

The trophy is unlocked automatically early into the game, meaning all players can participate in the promotion.

It is estimated that 288,000 trees will be needed to complete all three projects. That is quite a lot of trees, but considering Horizon Zero Dawn sold over 20 million copies, it should be doable.

Horizon Forbidden West launched on PS5 and PS4 on Feb. 18.

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