‘Battlefield 2042’ Active Player Base Falls To New Low

'Battlefield 2042' (Image: EA)

'Battlefield 2042' (Image: EA)

EA’s newest shooter Battlefield 2042 has been receiving criticism online, which has started to reflect in the game’s active player number. According to SteamDB, only 1,921 players logged into the game via Steam on Feb.14. On that same day, a total of 21,000 players logged into Battlefield V. Even Battlefield 1, which was released in 2016, had more active players with a total of 7,200 people logging in that day.

Valentines Day wasn’t the only factor in the declining numbers, as Steam Charts shows that the game average player count reached 4,687 over the last 30 days. This is down almost 60 percent from the game’s average player numbers of 51,299.

Fans aren’t the only ones disappointed in the title as EA is not happy with the performance of the title, and is reportedly looking into options to help increase the player numbers.

EA declined to give sales numbers for the title during its annual investor call, and called the numbers “disappointing.”


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