‘Splatoon 2’ Stays Fresh With New Co-op Mode & Amiibo Features

Splatoon’‘s had a short but colorful life, and a sequel is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, Splatoon 2 was one of the two highlights in the latest Nintendo Direct.


Nintendo’s Squid Research Lab reported in to discourse their new findings!

“Salmon Run” is a new mode in the ink-redible looking sequel. Here, a squid squad composed of four friends team up to combat a new enemy: the Salmonids. If your allies pass away in their line of duty, they can be resurrected by splattering them with ink.

Chums are the weakest incarnations of the Salmonids, and Steelheads are the more formidable variety. Power Eggs and the elusive Golden Eggs are awarded in Salmon Run, which your Inklings will haul back to their home. These eggs can be redeemed for in-game rewards.

The Salmonids are speculated to be stronger than the Octarians from Splatoon! However, the Octarians were implied to be scheming their comeback…

Next, another batch of Splatoon-branded amiibo will release alongside Splatoon 2. The prior Splatoon amiibo will be compatible too, of course. Scanning one of the toys will summon the figure’s character in-game, who you can then befriend. They’ll grant you exclusive gear to use, and they’ll record your “favorite weapons, gear, outfits and option settings” for future use.

Finally, Splatoon 2 will launch on July 21. Also, proficient players are advised to enter the upcoming tournament in the Wii U original.

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