Spring Into Action With A New Fighter & Tools In ‘ARMS’

ARMS was an unexpected announcement back during the Nintendo Switch presentation, and Nintendo is pushing it as a premiere title for their new console. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo’s upcoming fighting game helped highlight the recent Nintendo Direct, along with Splatoon 2.


The focal point of the trailer is, of course, the newcomer to the arena: Min Min. Regardless of any implications the game’s name may give, Min Min is capable of disrupting opponents’ strikes by kicking. Plus, martial arts and ramen are two of her other tools. (Personally, I already want her in the next Smash Bros.)

Additionally, combatants can equip two different ARMs per battle, all of which embody different attributes and elements. ARM Getter, the medium to obtain new ARMs, can be played with via in-game currency players will earn.

Furthermore, if four friends want to get in on the action, two-on-two fights are available:

Nintendo’s internally-developed fighter will stretch into stores on June 16. Also, neon yellow Joy-Con controllers and straps will launch that same day.

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