New ‘Sonic Forces’ & ‘Sonic Mania’ Details Divulged Through Famitsu And Nintendo Direct

Sonic Forces, the blue hedgehog’s next 3D outing, was formally unveiled back at SXSW. And Sonic Mania, the Genesis-era sequel longtime fans have waited for, kickstarted that same panel.

Fortunately, the newest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu had an interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka. So, consequently, new details pertaining to both platformers were divulged. Furthermore, Nintendo Everything and Source Gaming’s PushDustIn translated the new information.


Sonic Forces 2017 News
Sonic exploring the ruined city in Sonic Forces (Image: SEGA)

Sonic Forces:

  • Sonic Forces has been in development since the completion of 2013’s Sonic Lost World
  • Morio Kishimoto is directing
  • Modern Sonic returns to the Boost mechanic from Sonic Unleashed, which is themed around clearing a stage as quickly as possible
  • Classic Sonic, likewise, stars in “side-scrolling 2D action stages” as he had in Generations, but there’s a twist this time
  • The mysterious third gameplay style will remain a mystery for now, although Sonic Boom’s Sonic was written off by Iizuka
  • Whoever this third character is, he’s (she’s?) essential to the story, symbolizes Forces’ features, and will be “unexpected”
  • The game is aptly named: two powerful armies, Team Sonic and Dr. Eggman, are opposing forces
  • Eggman conquered 99 percent of the world, with Sonic and his friends leading the “Resistance”
  • Eggman’s new power is what causes Classic Sonic to emerge
  • There will be lighthearted stages, however, so “it won’t be all dark and gloomy”
  • The Hedgehog Engine 2 will allow for more detailed textures and backgrounds
  • We will see Sonic Forces at E3
Nintendo Switch: Sonic Mania
Sonic and Tails exploring Green Hill Zone in Sonic Mania (Image: SEGA)

Sonic Mania:

  • Sonic Mania began development in 2015
  • Sonic Team wanted to develop a new 2D title, “not a remake”
  • “The rule for the art” in the game was to maintain a level above the SEGA Genesis while remaining a notch below the SEGA Saturn (which somewhat contradicts a prior statement)
  • As we know, the Elemental Shields are returning from Sonic 3
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles is also the title Mania’s gameplay most closely resembles

Finally, the recent Nintendo Direct showcased some new footage for both Sonic Forces and Mania. Notably, Classic Sonic will yet again revisit Green Hill in Forces, albeit with sand replacing the scenic water. Unfortunately, the geometry in this rendition is worse than Generations‘ take on the iconic stage.

We also caught a brief glimpse of Forces‘ third character.

Are you excited for the extension of Sonic’s 25th anniversary?

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