The ‘For Honor’ Renaissance: A Fifth Faction Stakes Its Claim

'For Honor' (Image: Ubisoft)

'For Honor' (Image: Ubisoft)

As part of its release of the new “Outlander” faction of For Honor, Ubisoft aims to sate its fans by releasing new heroes one at a time. First in this wave was the Pirate, a warrior who fought with cutlass and pistol. With the newest trailer comes the Medjay, a hero of Egyptian origin.

‘For Honor’ Releases The Medjay Hero

For Honor, an action game created by Ubisoft, had me with high hopes when it was released back in 2017. A game that pits factions of Samurai, Knights and Vikings against each other in an all-out war. Needless to say, I joined the many hopefuls on the hype train of For Honor, entranced by its difficult combat system. Upon release, For Honor failed to meet the expectations and hype that came before it. With a lack of dedicated servers and content, For Honor found itself strapped for a strong player base. I myself put the game down for years until they came back with new content recently.

The Appeal

Why play For Honor? For me, the game’s combat system is easily the best part of the gameplay. A system focused on chaining combos together, while simultaneously playing a mind game against the opponent.

It’s a matter of who can outplay the other, by predicting their moves while mixing up your own. As a combat system, it genuinely makes you feel good whenever you win a game.

The victory is earned through pure skill, rather than luck or a bad hand.

A Redemption Arc For Ubisoft

The game failed to meet expectations at launch, causing its fans to claim the game’s death over the coming years.

Yet For Honor bounced back with the release of new factions and game modes.

Ubisoft added a fourth faction based on Chinese warriors, as well as new heroes for the other factions. When I first played the game, I could rarely get into a match consistently. Now with dedicated servers, I finally see how fun For Honor can be.

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