‘Street Fighter 6’ Wows With Style, Story & Taylor Swift Avatars?

Character from Street Fighter 6 (Image: Capcom)

Character from Street Fighter 6 (Image: Capcom)

It has been about a month since the release of Capcom’s bold fighter title Street Fighter 6, and players have found another reason to pick up the controller: pop culture character creation.

Customization features, for the cinematic tale told in World Tour mode, allow for many unlikely characters to step up for a scrap. The growing list includes anime protagonists, characters from other video game franchises, popular television Mother of Dragons and 12-time Grammy award-winning pop star Taylor Swift.

This robust, engaging tool has even helped spawn a Reddit page. r/SF6Avatars gives a space for the players to show off their creations, and for others to place requests on what they what to see! With the avatar codes, others can download and freely use the designs.

Here are some of the more off-beat creations, just for you!

Taylor Swift (Yes, really!)

Did you think this was a jest? The Nashville singer-songwriter will likely have something to say about that. So when it is over, do not let too many tears drop on her guitar.


Players gonna play, play, play, play, play
by u/apolloastral in SF6Avatars


Popeye the Sailor Man

In another surprising find, the old-timey character who taught us the validity (with perhaps a dash of hyperbole) of eating healthy has burst onto the scene. He first appeared in a comic strip on January 17, 1929, and has certainly come a long way to Metro City.


Popeye the Sailor Man
by u/SalaComMander in SF6Avatars



This highly intelligent former supervillain seems to have taken an interest in Metro City and hand-to-hand combat. If there is one thing Megamind already knows about fighting, it is definitely the presentation.


My Megamind
by u/Reece_504 in SF6Avatars

The list can go on all day with high-quality creations of the Street Fighter 6 community and their ideas. Capcom seems to have made the right decision by including this in the game. However, by making it so adaptable to what players can make, it perhaps shows a new, interesting direction. What will come next is sure to keep the attention of the fans.

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