‘Spider-Man 2’ Sets An Earlier Release, Debunking Leaks In Process

'Spider-Man' (Image: Marvel)

'Spider-Man' (Image: Marvel)

The 2023 Summer Game Fest has announced many things, including the now more solidified release date of the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive title Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac Games, the U.S. video game developer for Marvel’s Spider-Man series and studio for PlayStation Studio, confirmed this on their Twitter with game art.

October 20, 2023, is the official day, however, this does create a bit of a discrepancy. As far as the previous information leaks go, it was expected a bit earlier this year than that. It was reported previously that it would actually arrive in September before being upended by the announcement on the event’s Twitch broadcast.

There has not been any confirmation if the leaks turned out to be false from the start or if the date was moved due to other reasons. The date still held true to many people’s expectations of a fall 2023 release.

Of course, the real release comes after almost a month following a reveal featuring gameplay with Miles Morales, the symbiote form for Peter Parker. Their adventures in New York City are up against formidable foes in Kraven the Hunter and Venom! While Kraven is looking for a different kind of challenge, it has not been explicitly stated what role the alien parasite will take in the game.

However, there was an interesting bit of information dropped. During the live showcase, Insomniac Games made it known that the game’s story is set to play out in a completely different direction than what has been explored previously in the comics. As a bit of flavor to this idea: the Venom in the title is not Eddie Brock. Reports have even speculated that may even feature a different fate for Peter Parker himself, but those interesting thoughts will likely require a thorough playthrough.

At long last, PlayStation 5 games have a set date to march towards before being able to swing along the skyscrapers of The Big Apple. Until then, game on.

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