Street Fighter DLC: 1 Redbull=1 Unique Costume

A fan of Street Fighter V? I would hope so, I’ve covered it extensively on here and if you weren’t into that you’re either crazy or a relative of mine. However, are you a fan of Street Fighter and also a fan of Redbull energy drinks? If so, believe it or not, Capcom has given you yet another reason to drink your battery acid.

In the most interesting marketing tactic since Mountain Dew and gamer fuel, another terrible substance has joined forces with gamers. Red Bull has officially teamed up with Street Fighter — from now November until April 30, 2018, will introduce special cans with Street Fighter V characters on them.

What’s so special about these cans? Each can has a code to unlock costumes in the game for each character that they display on. These characters are M. Bison (Dictator), Chun-Li, Karin, Ken, Zangief, Laura, Nash, Vega (Claw), R. Mika, Rashid, Balrog (Boxer), Cammy, Guile, Akuma and Kolin.

This is only available for PS4 users, yet there is also a Snapchat function with these cans as well. You can look like Ryu with a function for a limited time.

More to the point, these costumes are not like the ones from 2016 where Chun Li and Ryu look like entirely different characters; rather these are just other available costumes with the Red Bull logo pasted on. This is a bit sad, yet if you wanted Balrog with his starchip-adorned gloves, bearded Ryu wearing a shirt, Rashid with his hat backward, and other similar costumes, you no longer have to pay up to $6, you just need to buy a Red Bull. It’s like a costume sale but also functions as a huge commercial! Yeah, capitalism!!

If you want costumes and a drink, there’s no better time than now to purchase Street Fighter Red Bull, I say as I realize I’m not sponsored by Red Bull and advertising all on my own. I think it’s cool, okay? Red Bull: it gives you wins.


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