Stunning ‘Hitman 3’ Speedrun Clocks In At Nine Seconds

'Hitman 3' (Image courtesy of IO Interactive)

'Hitman 3' (Image courtesy of IO Interactive)

Hitman 3 has enjoyed a lively launch week and high acclaim from critics for the conclusion to IO Interactive’s revival of the Hitman series.

The assassination playground games give players hundreds of avenues in order to creatively kill their targets. One player has tapped into the cold precision of Agent 47 with a nine-second speedrun of the game’s first mission.

With machine precision, runners ‘Wreak’ and ‘Der-Launch-Linus’ are in a tit-for-tat battle of milliseconds on’s any% category for the mission.

Another runner calling themselves ‘Snap-’ has clocked in the ‘Silent Assassin’ record of the mission at 16 seconds.

Being that these ridiculous records have already been confirmed under a week since the game’s release, the Hitman 3 speedrun scene is sure to be volatile as players shave off precious milliseconds from the already near-perfect runs.

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