‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Now Lets You Upload 100 Levels

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 (Nintendo)

Nintendo has increased the number of courses you can share online in Super Mario Maker 2 once again. Before, players could upload a maximum of 64 levels to the game’s online Course World hub however, now the number of levels increased to 100.

The upload limit has been raised to celebrate the video game’s latest achievement. According to Nintendo’s official Twitter account, players have uploaded an incredible 10 million levels in the game to date.

Last June when Mario Maker 2 first launched, only 32 levels could be shared to course world. Nintendo raised that number by double the next month to 64. It is interesting to ponder whether Nintendo will raise that number in the future, although 100 should be plenty for the casual player.

Mario Maker 2‘s latest update arrived last month and added a many new course parts to the game, including Master Sword power-up. Every time Mario grabs this item he turns into Link from Legend of Zelda, complete with his classic number of weapons. Link can put down bombs, fire arrows to land far-off coins and switches, and use his shield to protect himself.

Other than the Master Sword power-up, the update added the two classic enemies pokey and Spike, new P Blocks, frozen coins, and a Dash Block for the Super Mario 3D World game style. The update also brought a new Ninji Speedrun mode that tests players to race new courses created by Nintendo.

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