‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Jumps Into Stores, Garners Praise

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey launches today for the Nintendo Switch. Mario’s mainline adventures are events, and his latest looks to be one of his most promising yet. It’s been garnering critical acclaim, and I look forward to starting my copy and penning my own review.


Super Mario Odyssey was formally announced alongside the Switch back in January, wherein it juxtaposed Mario’s cartoony veneer with a more realistic city, which was clearly modeled after the real-world New York City. Likewise, the game was Nintendo’s centerpiece at June’s E3 showcase, with Nintendo’s space dedicated to New Donk City’s image. Promotion around Mario’s urban domain often acknowledges its link to Mario’s history, as well as Odyssey’s catchy theme song:


Odyssey pulls from Mario’s entire legacy, though it most closely continues the level design ethos of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. Both were the first two 3D Super Mario titles, and whereas prior entries were more so offered intricate, linear obstacle courses, 64 and its sequel emphasized more open biomes. Effectively, they were sandboxes you were free to explore in. Odyssey’s worlds span Mario’s globe, taking him to many distinct locales.

Odyssey’s biggest innovation, however, is Cappy. Sunshine and both Super Mario Galaxy titles offered their own companion to aid Mario, but Cappy’s different. He allows Mario to possess foes, allowing them to use their skillsets to collect the many Power Moons looming over the world. Moreover, Cappy can be used as a projectile to strike foes and a platform for jumping off of.

As per the norm, Bowser’s kidnapped Princess Peach, and he’s hired some new friends to help him succeed this time. Will you be able to rescue Mario’s love?

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