Super Nintendo World Will Open At Universal Studios Japan Next Spring

Super Mario 3D All Stars

Super Mario 3D All Stars

Universal Studios’ Japan division will be opening its Super Nintendo World next year in spring. The Japanese theme park’s attraction was originally supposed to open this year before the 2020 Summer Olympics but was put on hold due to the on-going COVID-19 global pandemic. In a Japanese website report by Kai-You, it was revealed that Super Nintendo World will open sometime in Spring 2021. A date has yet to be officially announced, but the Japanese government is discussing whether it should lift travel bans for tourists in April of next year.

Along with Super Nintendo World, a separate Mario-themed cafe and store will open in Universal Studios Japan next week. It will feature exclusive Mario merchandise, Mario and Luigi-themed pancake sandwiches, a Super Mushroom drink in a tropical bottle and mustachioed fruit cream sodas.

As its name implies, Super Nintendo World will be a park attraction that will feature dozens of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, with Super Mario Bros. being a prominent fixture of the park.

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