‘Super Smash Bros’ Adds 75th Character To Is Roster – Blythe!

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.

You’re never supposed to talk about fight club, however, we will talk about Masahiro Sakura‘s iconic fighting game: Super Smash Bros. The game is no stranger to adding in DLC content and other purchasable in-game goodies. Last week, Sakura’s company announced that a new fighter will be introduced.

Fans were left debating who the new smash character could be. Many Smash Bros fans suggested that Dante – a character from a retro, Japanese monster shooting game – would be the most likely character to be added in. Humorous suggestions such as Tony the Tiger and Waluigi, were also suggested across various internet platforms. Last week, Nintendo informed fans that the newest character would be Blythe.

Blythe is a character that utilizes weapons. The other 74 characters should watch out, as Blythe is equipped with four incredibly sharp weapons. The sword, bow, axe and halberd – which is basically an axe but with more mobility. They will grant Blythe a filthy combination of ranged attacks; and up-close beatings, that some online players might find annoying and frustrating.

For fans of Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series, this is the eighth character to be included into the Smash Bros franchise. The series is an aesthetic blend of anime and Harry Potter. The series has spanned a total of 17 games over a 30 year period, with the newest release being Fire Emblem: Three Houses which hit stores on July 26, 2019 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.



However, some Twitter users – as per usual – had a few negative criticisms about the character.

The character will available to purchase for $5.99 on January 28.

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