Switch System Update 12.0.3 Available After Temporary Suspension

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

On June 7, 2021, Nintendo released the 12.0.3 firmware update for the Switch system. It was mainly the maintenance of stability, with details listed by Nintendo data miner OatmealDome:

But the unremarkable update seemed to suffer from unknown errors, causing Nintendo to halt the distribution of the Switch’s Version 12.0.3 system update few hours after the release, with an official statement via Twitter following the next day.

According to Twitter’s translation service, the statement goes as follows:

“Currently, we are temporarily suspending the distribution of system version 12.0.3 of Nintendo Switch. If you are using the main unit that has been updated to 12.0.3, we have confirmed that a network connection may not be possible depending on the environment. We are currently considering a response, so we are very sorry but please wait for the follow-up report.”

Within a day, 12.0.3 has become available again, as confirmed via Twitter:


“We have resumed distribution of system version 12.0.3 of Nintendo Switch, which was suspended. After updating to 12.0.3, if an error occurs while downloading the game software or update data and the download stops, please check the following Q & A.

If you cannot start using the microSDXC card, insert the microSDXC card while connected to the Internet and update the main unit according to the displayed screen. We apologize for any inconvenience caused”.

While not fully explained, the default can seemingly obstruct internal network connection and microsSDXC cards’ function. To fully improve the system, Nintendo has promised to send out another version of the update, though without a timeline.

So far, 12.0.3 has become available again. If the systematic issues persist, there is currently no remedy other than waiting for another update.

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