PlayStation Released Another Teaser Of Exciting Dimension Hopping In ‘Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart’

Ratchet & Clank (Image: Sony)

Ratchet & Clank (2016) (Image: Sony)

Even though there are only two days left until the release of Rift Apart, PlayStation doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to hype up this game, dropping a new live-action teaser on its Twitter account.

The trailer takes place in an undisclosed location, where an interdimensional rift emerges and compromises the global security. Due to the serious repercussions the rift may cause, two scientists lock down the area to restrict any transportation through the rift. But when they venture into one of the most dangerous laboratories, they see one colleague inconsistently glistening, another frozen in a huge ice cube, the other covered by leaves and dirt. All unconvincingly argue they have never been in the rift.

Ironically, as one of the scientists stresses his disappointment to his colleagues, the other unexpectedly hops into the rift to experience the irresistible excitement of interdimensional traveling.

Rift Apart continues the sixteen-year-long journey of the Ratchet & Clank series. In addition to the familiar character Ratchet, the players would control Rivet, the alternate version of Ratchet in the new dimension. Together, they face the life-long nemesis Mr. Nefarious, striving to unravel his evil strings.

The game also features advanced techniques to support its futuristic settings and quality content: the solid-state drive (SSD) enables a significantly faster console to perfectly manifest the seamless transition of dimension-hopping, haptic feedback delivers the virtual intensity to reality through enhanced vibration and adaptive trigger simulates the in-game weapon operation by increasing the resistance of buttons.

However, Rift Apart might disappoint some of its fans. In order to accommodate those advanced techniques, the game is a PS5 exclusive. And with the current shortage of Ps5 consoles, some fans may not have access to the game right away. Luckily, we have listed multiple platforms offering PS5 consoles. Make sure you go check it out to play Rift Apart on June 11.


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