The ‘Amazing Emulator’ Turns Games From 2D To 3D

Mario in Super Mario 3D World

Mario in Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo)

If you ever wanted to play some of your favorite Nintendo 8-bit games in 3D, you now can as on Steam last week, a new emulator takes 2D pixel graphics and makes them fully 3D. The product called 3DSen allows you to play select NES games in a way you once could not. 

Since 3DSen is an emulator, you will need game ROM’s to use it, which are separate from the purchase of the 3DSen. Creator Tran Vu Truc told Kotaku that it is a lot of work to convert these games from 2D to 3D, but it provides a whole new perspective for players. “The amount of work really depends on the graphic complexity, gameplay duration… and if there is any 3D gameplay element in the game. For example, simple games like Mario Bros., Dr. Mario, Donkey Kong, [and] Galaga only required several days of work, [while] games like Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda, [and] Excitebike (3D gameplay element) required weeks or even months to be created.”

Tran notes that it is difficult to see the various graphics elements. So he wants to provide an opportunity to make these games more visually appealing. 

What is interesting is to see how 3DSen will change gaming for the future, and Tran is eager to see how this will be done. “Please keep in mind that we can have many profiles with different 3D interpretations for each game,” he said. “It will become interesting to see different 3D interpretations from different people.”

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