The Hero Draws Near! Nintendo Announces A ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Presentation Dedicated To The DLC Fighter

Dragon Quest's The Hero joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dragon Quest's The Hero joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo/Square Enix)

Dragon Quest‘s Hero – or, rather, Heroes, as four are selectable – kickstarted Nintendo’s E3 presentation last month, confirming the iconic JRPG series would join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Series director Masahiro Sakurai has since touched upon the difficulties that came with representing such a legendary series in his bi-weekly Famitsu column.

However, fans of Smash and Dragon Quest have been awaiting the Hero’s arrival, and Nintendo just announced a presentation that’ll showcase his moveset and when exactly Smashers can start playing as him. Nintendo will air the presentation Tuesday morning. Given the length of time – it’s 22 minutes, about seven minutes longer than Joker’s demonstration – it’s expected that a new gameplay mode, possibly Home Run Contest, will be released alongside Hero. It can also be safely assumed a few new Mii Fighter costumes will come as well, with my bet being a return of the Geno getup.

As with Joker, the first Fighters Pass DLC newcomer, several new Spirits will accompany Hero once he hits Smash. Nintendo uploaded several of them to their server a couple of days ago, foreshadowing Hero’s looming arrival. Our friends at Source Gaming have released a video summarizing the known Dragon Quest Spirits, which can be seen below:

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