The Leaked PS5 Feature No One Saw Coming Might Be Real

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy of Playstation)

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy of Playstation)

Sony has confirmed the official name of the Playstation 5 console that will release Holiday 2020. Unsurprisingly, the system will be the Playstation 5, or PS5 for short. More importantly, the company also revealed some details about the new console’s user interface and announced a brand new controller that will deliver a bunch of exciting features, including improved haptic feedback and USB-C connectivity.

The leaked design from months ago was also confirmed when Sony showed a dev kit while demoing the new controllers.

The design was leaked quite a few times over the past few months, most recently by Gizmodo that seemed to confirm it one last time. Wired also gave in-depth info on the system after Sony’s announcement. From Wired:

“Next, a version of Gran Turismo Sport that Sony had ported over to a PS5 devkit—a devkit that on quick glance looks a lot like the one Gizmode reported on last week. (The company refused to comment on questions about how the devkit’s form factor might compare to what’s being considered for the consumer product.)”

Sony may not be ready to share any PS5 design details yet, but the excerpt above shows that the PS5 build developers are using to come up with new games for the console looks a ot like the design Sony patented. The patent was discovered a few weeks and ago and then people started confirming Sony was using that design for real. Now we have renders like the one above giving us a good idea of what it may look like before it hits stores.

Sony has also been developing a voice assistant which no one saw coming as a feature for the next generation. The assistant would be able to respond to various game-related questions during gaming sessions, offering players clues and tips in real-time. Now players wouldn’t have to stop playing to browse the web for help.

The assistant would also work on mobile phones via a partner app that would deliver stats about games and live information about what’s going on in a particular game. There is nothing in the market yet that does anything like this, so it’s quite the impressive feature, though Sony has been mum on the topic when asked.


There’s still a ton of speculation solely based off rumors and patents that may not get fleshed out by the time the system releases, but it’s an exciting time to see just what ends up on the next generation PS5 and how far technology is overall.

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