‘The Wonderful 101’ Remastered Receives Demo & Patch – With Bayonetta Access! [CODES]

'The Wonderful 101'

'The Wonderful 101'

The remastered version of the cult action game, The Wonderful 101, has received both a new patch and demo. Announced by Platinum Games in a new video on their YouTube account, the developer’s revealed that those who have yet to play The Wonderful 101 can do so via a new demo. Players will have access to the first two hours of the game, with their progress in the demo transferring over to the main game.

Those who play through the demo will instantly have access to Bayonetta, the titular character of her own game, also made by Platinum Games. Bayonetta will play nearly exactly like how she did in her games, with the ability to slow down time when she dodges and smack enemies around with her signature guns.

But, if you already have the game, you won’t have to play the demo to gain access to Bayonetta. Platinum Games has released a Patch alongside the game’s demo. “The v1.03 patch adds the new ‘Wonderful Code’ feature to the game,” reads the description of Platinums announcement video. “By entering the code “UMBRANGIFT,” players can unlock Wonder-Bayonetta and the same set of support items that are available in the demo.” You’ll also get Bayonetta’s allies, Jeanne and Rodin, by entering the code “ANGELSLAYERS,” with more codes to come.

The Wonderful 101 Remastered is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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