‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint’ Given a Game-Changing Update

Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow Six Siege' Confirmed For PS5 & Xbox Series X

Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow Six Siege' Confirmed For PS5 & Xbox Series X

Ubisoft must have been checking its social media feeds because even they know that the company released a disaster of a game five months ago. That’s why many gamers took their frustrations to social media in hopes that Ubisoft Paris would end up fixing their bland and buggy game. Ubisoft has posted a press release on their own website about an update for their game Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

The original gameplay forced players to coexist with ‘tiered loot’ and ‘gear score’ mechanisms, which could only be unlocked by grinding out many hours into the game. There wasn’t even a ‘pay-to-upgrade’ feature. The update will allow players to turn off, or only use some of these original features.

Ubisoft also improved the in-game HUD settings. This means that the mini-map will be made simpler to look at. Other options like ‘risk of injury,’ ‘bandage quality’ and ‘risk of injury’ are now all options that the player can switch, if they wanted to alter their in-game experience.

With a new option that allows players to disable the ‘gear level’ option, the game becomes slightly more realistic. In this update, players can easily scavenge through fallen players for their weapons – like, the option that’s available in literally every other shooter game – and not have to worry about ‘gear levels’ which means that players must be a certain level to obtain useful parts to guns.


These settings are able to be changed frequently, and whenever the player decides it’s time. However, AI teammates and an offline mode will not be addressed during this update. Users on Twitter were glad to see the update, but were very vocal about the current-state of the game.

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