‘Tower of Fantasy’ Is Out Now, Many Fans Say It’s A Ripoff Of ‘Genshin Impact’

'Tower of Fantasy'

'Tower of Fantasy'

Tower of Fantasy has begun its global launch, and fans are quickly taking to the internet to voice their concern that the game bears a striking semblance to a certain game.

The game is described as an open-world RPG with broad levels of customization and contains a world filled with unique wanderers.

According to developers, TOF is “set in a dystopian sci-fi future on the planet of Aida where prototowers have been built to harvest Omnium, a resource that’s both precious but also responsible for transforming animals into monsters, it’s a central conflict as two factions have formed, one that is continuing the harvesting, and one that opposes it.”

That may be the description but, apparently, if they had just written “messy Genshin Impact ripoff,” many players would have preferred that.

Some players believe that ToF has so many qualities of the popular MMO that many see it as just another one of its mobile clones.



A review from Tyler Cold for PC Gamer noted “its uncanny resemblance to Genshin is the hardest thing to get over in its opening hours, kind of like trying to get over how much Genshin felt like Breath of the Wild when it came out. But if you can grimace through it and restrain your cynicism, the MMO-like systems it introduces could be what sets it apart. Genshin runs through the veins of Tower of Fantasy; it’s practically biological.”

The game’s egregious load times and multiple bugs makes the idea of playing Tower of Fantasy extremely unappealing.

But, there are still patches and updates on the way, so players shouldn’t fret just yet.

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