‘Splatoon 3’ Is Coming, Here’s What We Know

'Splatoon 3'

'Splatoon 3'

It’s not E3 (I haven’t moved on from the cancellation yet), but the news is still coming out about new games releasing soon. Recently, there was a new Nintendo Direct about Splatoon 3, and there was a lot of news that was released about the new game.


The trailer was not an aimless tease, but rather true info (yay, honesty!). Octolings are playable again. Both Octolings and Inklings can wear the same fashion and have the same features. There are no real differences that aren’t purely aesthetic (hairstyles, etc.) meaning anyone can play with their choice of character.


In the gaming community, especially in games as loved as Splatoon, key NPCs are loved as well and in the third edition of the game, some beloved ones return. Turf War judges Judd and Li’L Judd are back, proprietor Sheldon returns and Cap’n Cuttlefish is back to guide us through the game. Some new characters enter the fray as well such as vendors Gnarly Eddy, Jen La Fleur, Mr. Coco and Harmony. Plus new Splatlands news hosts Frye, Shiver and Big Man the Stingray make up the brand new newscast.

New Modes

Turf War still remains the main game mode for casual and competitive players, however, the addition of Anarchy Battles for Ranked players will provide even more chaotic and competitive fun. This along with Salmon Run (an old favorite) with new bosses in Slamming Lid and Big Shot and the newest big bad, King Salmonid Cohozuna. There was also a new mode called Big Run which is a timed event that occurs every few months.

Stages, Weapons and Abilities! Oh My!

There are a lot of new stages being added to the new game. These include Scorch Gorge, Eeltail Alley, Mincemeat Metalworks, Undertow Spillway and Hagglefish Market. Weapons such as the windshield wiper-like Splatanas and the bow and arrow-style Stringers. Fan favorites such as the Reefslider, the Tentamissiles, the Inkjet, the Ink Storm, the Ultra Stamp and the Booyah Bomb will return as well. Players also have the ability to move up walls with a rapid burst as well as a new Squid Roll (not edible sadly), that allows players to easily evade attacks.

Players will also be able to connect with other players, buy gear and check in-game records with the return of SplatNet 3, which is available through the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Splatoon 3 is set to be filled with new changes and fans should keep on the lookout for the new game which releases on Nintendo Switch on September 9.

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