Twitch Helping All Players Understand ‘League Of Legends’ With Scoreboard Feature

League of Legends

League of Legends

When League of Legends debuted on the PC over 11 years ago, the developer Riot Games might not have foreseen the game’s huge success. With over 8 million users constantly fighting online, it’s safe to say that League of Legends (LoL) will stick around for another decade or more.

The game wants to retain its massive online player-base, and even expand it to entice new players to join the game. After Riot Games released a live-tracker feature for gamers, veterans and rookies of the game will greatly benefit from this feature.

To activate the statistical data, users have to press a LoL-themed button that features an ‘L’ on it. After clicking, players will be able to see data related to a streamer’s Summoner stats, Scoreboard, Build and Match History at any time. Players can easily compare and contrast their current gear, to any other user’s gear. Veteran players will be able to better scout out their opponents. Rookies will be able to figure out the recipes for match success, and players will be able to view player’s gear set-ups as well.

For other news relating to League of Legends, check out the Riot Games’ blog post on Twitch.

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