‘State Of Decay 2’ Blesses Players With ‘The Juggernaut Edition’

State Of Decay 2

State Of Decay 2

By no means, was this game anywhere close to dying. That didn’t stop Microsoft Studios from releasing a new DLC, with an intimidating name. That’s because the developers are choosing to release so much, that the new update to the game truly crushes the older model. The biggest bonus was given to the current owners of the game, who will be given the DLC for free.

This game is all about survival. Playable characters are automatically generated by the game, so it is up to the user to design their outfits. After your main character is looking fantastic, it’s time for the user to rally a community of survivors together. You and your comrades take shelter in some of the game’s preset bases. For example, old churches and a town’s firebarn are both realistic and obtainable places for players to set up their base camp. Once that’s been established, good luck fighting zombies in your hunt for that last box of trail mix.

Players will automatically see an enhancement to their game-play’s graphics, as well as a boost to all in-game audio. Technically, this DLC is a remastering of the game, and players are excited to try it all out.

The game’s tutorial has been expanded, in order to elaborate on the in-game mechanics and controls. There’s a whole new town to be explored in the game’s region, which is loosely based on a fictional area in the Pacific Northwestern United States. State of Decay 2 will also be releasing ten new weapons that players can wield to destroy zombie and human foes.

Microsoft doesn’t stop there. Current owners of the game – people that purchased it before March 13, when the update is officially released – will be given the first free DLCs, for free! Even PC gamers will see a Steam release, that even allows for cross-platform play.

If you haven’t made plans for Friday, March 13, you should look to this Twitter user for guidance.

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