Unova Pokémon Have Begun Invading ‘Pokémon GO’ [FULL LIST]

Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott in Pokémon GO

Unova Pokémon in Pokémon GO (Nintendo/The Pokémon Company)

Smartphone juggernaut Pokémon GO has expanded its creature pool once again, bringing in Pokémon from the series’ Unova region. Select Pokémon hailing from Black and White are now available to catch and hatch, including the three starters: Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. As expected, some Pokémon will be region specific; Durant will reside in the Eastern hemisphere, Heatmor will occupy the Western hemisphere and the elemental monkey trio of Pansage, Pansear and Panpour only roam in specific regions. Following the standard set by the Sinnoh Stone, this update also introduces the Unove Stone, which is required to evolve certain creatures. Currently, the only way to acquire one of the rocks is to perform a Research Breakthrough, requiring players to complete seven research tasks.

Here’s the complete list of fifth generation Pokémon that are currently available and how to obtain them:

Gen 5 Pokemon How To Obtain
Snivy Wild, 5 km eggs
Servine Evolve Snivy
Serperior Evolve Servine
Tepig Wild, 5 km eggs
Pignite Evolve Tepig
Emboar Evolve Pignite
Oshawott Wild, 5 km eggs
Dewott Evolve Oshawott
Samurott Evolve Dewott
Patrat Wild, Raids, 2 km eggs
Watchog Evolve Patrat
Lillipup Wild, Raids, 2 km eggs
Herdier Evolve Lillipup
Stoutland Evolve Herdier
Purrloin Wild, 2 km eggs
Liepard Evolve Purrloin
Pansage Asia Pacific-exclusive
Simisage Evolve Pansage
Pansear Europe, Middle East, Africa, India-exclusive
Simisear Evolve Pansear
Panpour Americas, Greenland-exclusive
Simipour Evolve Panpour
Pidove Wild, 2 km eggs
Tranquill Evolve Pidove
Unfezant Evolve Tranquill
Blitzle Wild
Zebstrika Evolve Blitzle
Drilbur Wild, 5 km eggs
Excadrill Evolve Drilbur
Foongus Wild, 5 km eggs
Amoongus Evolve Foongus
Ferroseed Wild, 10 km eggs
Ferrothorn Evolve Ferroseed
Klink Raids, 10 km eggs
Klang Evolve Klink
Klinklang Evolve Klang
Litwick 10 km eggs
Lampent Evolve Litwick
Chandelure Evolve Lampent (via Unova Stone)
Golett 10 km eggs
Golurk Evolve Golett
Heatmor Western hemisphere-exclusive
Durant Eastern hemisphere-exclusive
Deino 10 km eggs
Zweilous Evolve Deino
Hydreigon Evolve Zweilous

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