Updates Coming To ‘No Man’s Sky’ On Xbox Game Pass

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky

On Thursday, No Man’s Sky arrived on Xbox Game Pass. Also on Thursday, players of the game will see numerous updates.

One of the biggest updates that is coming is cross-platform play. Hello Games’ Sean Murray said in a blog post that No Man’s Sky will be one of the few games that will allow this. “We are excited to be able to announce that, starting tomorrow, PlayStation 4 players, Xbox One players and PC players will all be able to explore, journey, survive, build, and trade together. Excitingly, No Man’s Sky is joining what is at the moment a fairly small group of games which support cross-platform multiplayer.”

Some of the other updates include:

  • Improved chat features
  • VR enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Improvement in the game’s quality of life

With the introduction of cross platform play, No Man’s Sky will join games like Minecraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Rocket League, among other games.

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