Viral Video Of ‘Gyro Drop’ Ride Turns Out To Be Fake

Fake Gyro Drop

Fake Gyro Drop

Spy Kids 2 might have come to real life on the internet this past weekend as a Gyro Drop ride in Seoul, South Korea got a serious upgrade.

Turns out the video is a CGI edited fake. This viral video has been all around the internet asking why in the world someone would create a ride like this. The ride seems to double in size and drop riders out of there seat and begin to spin you on a rope at a ridiculous speed. Only to come back to your seat and have the fastest drop that shouldn’t be humanly possible.

Here is the real version of the drop tower in South Korea. Although the CGI upgrade makes the ride look out-of-this-world, the actual drop tower is still pretty terrifying. It brings riders 230 feet up in the air and rotates. Although you don’t drop from a rope, the rotation is still quite fast. Once done rotating, like all drop towers do, you drop. The ride also comes equipped with “Scream Shields” to help stop the spike in screams on the way down. This ride is quite extreme, as people over 6-feet-tall can’t ride the ride. You also have to be under the age of 65, for obvious health reasons.

The CGI version looks incredibly real, and people on the internet are giving serious props to the anonymous creator who did it. Whoever did needs to be hired to help recreate the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

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