Watch: ‘Babylon’s Fall’ Trailer Meets Expectations [Video]

Watch: 'Babylon's Fall' Trailer Meets Expectations [Video]

Watch: 'Babylon's Fall' Trailer Meets Expectations [Video]

At E3 2018, Babylon’s Fall was teased – but now at the State of Play livestream, we have finally received a sneak peak of the game. Babylon’s Fall is a combination of Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix and Bayonetta developer PlatinumGames.

Square Enix has revealed the trailer showing a world falling apart rendering in an aesthetic art style. Just as the title hints, players will have the capability to ascend a Tower of Babel-type of structure as they progress in the game. 

As for gameplay, Babylon’s Fall looks like a blend of from Software’s Dark Souls titles and Platinum’s own brand of exciting action games. The game’s main character is able to throw enemies in the air and has a ghost-like sword that can clone itself and transform into a whip. At the end of the trailer, fans can see the protagonist steal the sword of one of Babylon’s Fall bosses and fight against them. 

Last time Platinum and Square Enix came together, we were gifted the amazing Nier: Automata. The two developers guaranteed the release of more information about Babylon’s Fall next summer, however, as of yet we don’t have a release date. 


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